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With its domination of spontaneity, star power, and a low-key neighborhood vibe; the Sayers club is one of Hollywood's best-loved live music venues. Grab a delicious hand-tossed pizza or seasonal craft beer in the front room and enjoy shows and impromptu performances by emerging artists and the brightest stars in entertainment (Prince, Gotye, The Black


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This club in Los Angeles not only showcases some of the world’s highest-profile dance music talent, but also serves as a laboratory for emerging artists to explore and hone their craft, and where lighting and sound designers develop and test innovative technologies.

Hyde 2

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Come Hyde with us Chic, intimate, sophisticated and luxurious. Take refuge from the conventional nightlife experience and enjoy the ultimate in exclusive socializing. West Hollywood restaurant meets Hollywood lounge, Hyde Sunset Kitchen and Cocktails represents the next evolution in Los Angeles hospitality.


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Torn from pages of Hollywood's artfully scandalous era of prohibition comes The Emerson Theatre. As the latest chapter in sbe's nightlife collection, The Emerson Theatre conjures the raw decadence of a speakeasy, seductively infused with contemporary burlesque. Upon entrance, guests are met with an orchestration of thousands of marquee lights that create intoxicating warmth throughout.


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Greystone Manor, a super club in the heart of West Hollywood, delivers an alluring combination of cusine, mixology and cutting edge entertainment. Greystone’s décor pays homage to the glamour and decadence of old Hollywood but enhances the ambiance and energy with a state of the art sound and lighting system. Greystone delivers a captivating re-imagination of

The Colony

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The Colony captures the exclusive and celebrated Hamptons lifestyle—right in the heart of Hollywood. Entering The Colony, guests are ushered into a world of East Coast-inspired luxury, evoking the energy of a destination that has been home to an elite group of pleasure seekers and power brokers.